An Intimate Affair: Armon’s Whimsical, Out-of-this-World “Thank You” Album Launch

Exciting, entertaining, awe-aspiring – last Saturday, we were at Armon’s “Thank You” official album launch held at the Experimental Theatre, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

It was a warm, windy evening when we arrived on campus. It was fairly quiet until you followed the signs (of the show, and of life, really). We were quite early, but a fair amount of people had already arrived, enjoying the refreshments prepared for guests, everyone chatting and waiting in anticipation.


One of the signs that directed us toward the venue


(from left) Umar and Uma, MTalent family members who were in charge of PR & media relations!


The small crowd that gathered before the show

A lineup consisting of up-and-coming stars Sarah Jade, Riyal, Psytrus and TMJB, the opening was already jam packed with talent and awesome showmanship.

There room settled down into an odd silence as a speed painter took up position in the centre – just what was going to happen? A figure appeared in the light and of course, it’s the man who needs no introduction – Armon himself. He performs alongside longtime friend and emcee of the night Adam Izzy.


Adam Izzy

Adam Izzy


This was followed by a heartfelt dance that accompanied Armon’s Hammerhead music video that was projected behind them.

Armon then performed several songs from his debut album. The highlight of the night was definitely when Armon donned his circus ringmaster outfit! What a performance!

The night would not have gone so well without the support of the great opening acts, love from Pulse Soundworks and of course the fans – that’s all of you who came by.

As Armon says:


“Thank You”!


Don’t forget to hashtag #JoinTheJourney and follow Armon on his adventures on all his social media

See y’all soon,