Armon Releases Official Music Video of “Born To Be”

Great things have been happening around town. For one, Armon recently launched his debut album, which we wrote about here. He also launched his official music video! Born To Be is the first single from Armon’s album “Thank You”, and features various talented acts including graffiti artist Ryan Pittam aka Strung, DJ and turntablist DJ Daniel, dancer Brynn Lovett and of course words by Armon himself, featuring Marvellous Vish.

A video by Adam Lewis Yates, the video brings to life Armon’s interpretation of music and hip hop in Malaysia, exploring what’s known as the four pillars of hip hop with the help of all the performers mentioned above.

With a very classic hip hop beat, the video oozes attitude and gives us a glimpse of the hip hop lifestyle that’s passionate, fiery and full of abandon.

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