SoundsAroundTown #12

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Just got back from your hometowns and eager to get up-to-date? Well, your favourite segment #SoundsAroundTown is back at it so you’re just in luck. 😉 

To continue the festive spirits, Kidd Santhe (whose song “Litnya” sat comfortably on the Hitz MET 10 chart for awhile) and his friends Raj Mahal and Taneshh came up with a fun idea of making a Chinese New Year song.

You can watch the song and music video for “GIMME THAT ANGPOW”, which was all done from scratch in three days, below.

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Our friend ABeatC gave us a sneak peek into his tour life in India that happened right before Chinese New Year. From a simple view of the streets of Kharagpur, to the great crowd and energy in ABeatC’s performance, I’d reckon it’s worth watching. 😉

Watch A Beat Life #1 below.

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See y’all soon!