On this edition of #SoundsAroundTown, we talk about familiar names coming up with new things and new names hitting the scene hard.

Charming the Internet since his mid-teens from the comfort of his bedroom, Airliftz has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. At a tender age of 19, his newly released “”Bagel EP” provides listeners a peek into his stream of consciousness.

Listen to the Bagel EP below.

Airliftz also recently released visuals to accompany that tasty, tasty Bagel EP.

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Airliftz may be a new name, but we’re all familiar with the sweetness of Hunny Madu, and she’s back with some goodies to share!

Teaming up with American rapper Radio3000, Hunny Madu has released the music video for what people are calling the “hustlers’ new anthem” titled “Get Money”. Watch the music video below!

Congratulations to Hunny Madu and Radio3000 on the track. As hustlers ourselves, MTalent Asia is totally vibing with it.

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