Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This: KUIZZ Reaches Final Two In AirAsia x Spotify #DreamsComeTrueCampaign

Who am I to disagree?

With the news of KUIZZ reaching a million streams (yes, a MILLION) on Spotify, the real icing on the cake was when we got wind of him reaching the Final Two in the AirAsia #DreamsComeTrue campaign. 

Each with charms of their own, KUIZZ and IV of Spades found themselves to be the last musicians standing – but not for long; there’s only 2 days left on the counter and you know who we’ll be streaming all day in the office.

Behind the shy demeanour of KUIZZ is a monster filled to the brim with nothing but brilliant beats. A million streams under his belt and a new single on the way (ahem, please mark 25th of January down on your calendars, friends), KUIZZ is more than deserving to be on the stage with the likes of David Foster.

You still have time to show your support for your favourite local hidden gem – help him to shine and stream him on Spotify today!

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Jan 12, 2018