KUIZZ Takes His Final Flight At Final Two of AirAsia #DreamsComeTrue Campaign

Thanks to your support and love for KUIZZ, the underdog has seen his music reach insane numbers, surpassing even some of the big names in the local scene. 

Despite bowing out at the final leg of the competition, it was a thrill to not only have the underrated Malaysian artiste receive recognition from David Foster himself, but to have us clingy fans streaming his songs for over 2 million minutes in 2017.

And don’t forget 2018 will truly be KUIZZ’s year as he gears up to release his latest single (on the 25th of January, people!) and more.

Congratulations to IV of Spades on their great achievement! We hope you look forward to KUIZZ and what he plans to do in 2018 as much as we do.


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