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How To Have The Best Resumé and Spice Things Up

How To Have The Best Resumé and Spice Things Up

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Happy belated Vesak Day everyone! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and may you have the best of times in days to come ☺

If you’ve been following my posts recently, you will notice me reeling you in to focusing on your talent and how we can convert your talent/hobby into your dream pursuit. I’ve given you a quick overview as to what preparations you should do and what to expect overall. To further help you grow, I’m going to explore a few types of talent profiles in the coming weeks, i.e. com-cards, EKPs and Bloggers. read more…

The V-Buzz On Priscillia Xavier

The V-Buzz On Priscillia Xavier

Imagine walking home after a tiring day of work, thinking of what to eat for dinner, when to do the laundry, what day to meet that old friend… Just a lot of stress, you know? And then you receive a text from the work WhatsApp group. Groans. Okay. What is it? Open it up and as your phone lights up, so does your face.

That text for me was a screenshot from our songbird Priscillia Xavier. read more…

Priscillia’s Exciting Weekend Out

Priscillia’s Exciting Weekend Out

So how has your weekend been? Did you go out? Attend any of the exciting events around town (#MyUrbanHunting and #KLIFW, just to name a couple), or did you go out and party your worries away? Well, I did none of those things, but you’ll be happy to know that Priscillia Xavier did, and we’ll tell you all about it so you and I both can live vicariously through her.

read more…

Top Ways to Nurture and Hone Your Talent

Top Ways to Nurture and Hone Your Talent

I’d always liked to believe that each and every one of us are born with a talent. Some of us can sing better and some can find the square root of ‘x’ within a second. The problem with this blessing is, we either don’t know what to do with to further cultivate it or we assume it’s enough that we have it and it will bring us all that we desire.


That is not how things work. People who make it work, work hard at their talent and not just own it. You reap what you sow, people.

So what do you have to do?

  • Figure it out12565404_995375457212268_1880469752495548855_n

Find out what that talent of yours is. Understand it. Be it. You need to put your raw talent under a microscope. Understand what it can do and its flaws. Appreciate its strengths and tweak its downfalls. Raw talent is the rock you polish that becomes your diamond. You need to be able to maneuver around your talent to be able to modify it and improve its potential as you go. For example, if you’ve got a knack writing, test the waters. Try writing for different topics. Work out of your comfort zone and try pieces on topics you wouldn’t normally consider.  Get friends or even strangers to read your work. Let them be your critics. Read the works of writers you admire; see what they do different and incorporate it.


  • Constructive Criticismq sound thein advising

I know, I know – easier said than done. Now before you go roll under your covers with a bowl of Haagen Dazs, remember natural to hate taking criticism. As much as I advocate it, I hate it at times too. You need to ask yourself this: Am I really the best? Sometimes we get overwhelmed with all the positive reviews that, that ONE BAD one may seem almost impossible to exist. Here’s the thing – IT IS very possible. The moment you take stride in all the negative criticism you receive, you will grow faster than I can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Your negative criticism is going to be our stepping stone to success and sometimes the ‘different perspective’ you’ve been looking for.



    • Large or Small; An audience is an audience

  So now that you’ve fixed yourself, i.e. the internal management; let’s move on to the external part. To begin putting yourself out there, you need an audience. How? GOOGLEEEEEEEEEEEE. Google your talent and watch your target audience unfold from possible reviews to freelance gigs. Check them out, understand what people in your market are looking for and cater to that. When you do cater for them, don’t get too caught up in pleasing people that you lose your uniqueness. Work the needs of the market around your talent. Incorporate them into your skill set to create both a need and ‘specialty’. It’s gonna take time but it will also be worth it compared to diving in blind.

Okay, you’re on full ammo now. Let’s test it out. Apply for those gigs and take in the outcomes. Be that fresh-faced movie director hiding behind the toilet doors unsure how the audience will react to his movie. Don’t get caught up with the ‘Ifs’ and ‘If nots’. See what the outcome is and go back to the drawing board. Our talent can always be improved. So there is no reason to feel defeated when the outcome is not what hoped for. You will get there. You will reach the point where your signature becomes your autograph…only if you keep working at it.

  • Pat Yourself On the Back

You need to believe in yourself. Pat yourself on your back and accept that you did your best. Thank yourself for putting yourself out there and embracing any outcome. You deserve it 😉 Go have some of your favorite chocolates while you’re at it!

queen g quote 2

“Grab every opportunity you get to improve yourself. You have only yourself to both succeed and fail; so pick the good fight.”


–G signing out–

Happy Birthday Q Sound!

Happy Birthday Q Sound!

KUALA LUMPUR, April 27 — It was a joyous occasion over the weekend as notable jazz musician and trombonist Marques Young, known by his stage name Q Sound, celebrated his birthday with his MTalent Asia fambam and good friends.

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